Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stuff to do . . .

You all need to get knee high black socks. Please don't forget those. We will be having a dress rehearsal for ensemble scene in class on Thursday. Syd is getting you shirts and making you hats. You will get black pants from Syd too. For our dance (go team) girls need red shirts and boys need blue. Everyone bring what you have on Tuesday and let's see what we get. Just levi's on your bums.
We will be working through lunch on Tuesday and possibly Thursday. Bring a lunch from home. We still have lots to do!
Also, Mark Oram is coming back Monday night to work with our comedic individual stuff. And Tuesday I am working with the dramatic stuff. Both of those are at 7:00 and anyone is welcome to come help critique or just watch.
Love you!!

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